gRPC with Node.js

GDG Cloud London
Thu, Dec 16, 2021, 9:00 PM (GMT)

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HTTP and JSON have been and still are widely used in micro-service-based architectures as one of the most efficient means of communication, but is it really true? Currently, with our scalability and speed demand, the ReST model is lagging behind! Let's get to know the technology that will make the ReST completely obsolete, welcome to the era of gRPC.

Bio of the Speaker

Lucas works as Software Engineer at Klarna. Technology lover and, since 2011, works with highly available and scalable applications. Loves to teach and learn, writer of "Kubernetes: Everything you need to know about container orchestration". Former Microsoft MVP and active Google Developer Expert and Docker Captain. Member & Contributor to the Node.js Foundation, KEDA Project, and the TypeScript Language. Acts as technical author at FreeCodeCamp and at the iMasters hub, one of the biggest Brazilian tech websites. Also is one of the core members of awesome communities such as NodeBR, JSSP, VueJs SP, Typescript BR, NodeSchool SP, TrainingCenter and ABCDev. Loves music, photography, and games! Always seeking the unknown and believes the impossible is just lack of trying.

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