CloudFest Day 3 .NET on GCP + Stackdriver + OpenCensus

GDG Cloud London
Thu, Jan 31, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product libraries and frameworks to quickly build and iterate .NET apps on Google Cloud Platform!

We welcome a number of speakers from the Cloud# team!


Simon Zeltser

Title: Distributed Tracing and Monitoring with OpenCensus

Talk: OpenCensus is an emerging standard for tracing and metrics of cloud services. You can use it to gain observability into applications that span multiple clouds and technological stacks. In this talk, we will use open source and vendor agnostic client libraries of OpenCensus and export telemetry to common distributed tracing systems such as Zipkin and others. Along the way we will discuss core concepts such as tags, metrics, exporters, zPages and trace context propagation.

Bio: Simon is a Software Engineer at Google (formerly Microsoft), with over a decade of experience building services at planet scale. He loves creating tools that improve deployment, application performance and testing-in-production of cloud services. At his spare time, Simon is an active Manchester United fan, helping to establish two of its official supporters clubs around the world.

Amanda Tarafa Mas

Title: .NET Diagnostics Instrumentation Libraries

Talk: Using the .NET Diagnostics Instrumentations Libraries and a few lines of code it’s easy to take advantage of Stackdriver Logging, Tracing and Error Reporting capabilities, whether your application is running on Google Cloud or not. We’ll showcase some samples and talk about things we are planning to do to improve the user experience.

Bio: Amanda is a Software Engineer at Google working with the Cloud# team building the .NET Client Libraries for Google Cloud Platform Services. Prior to Google, she lived in Madrid, Spain, and worked in several software consulting companies as well as Havana, Cuba where she was a University Professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Havana University. She thrives in environments where Academic knowledge is put to use for delivering robust and easy to use products.


18:00 - Registration + Pizza + Networking
18:30 - Talks begin!
21:00 - Goodbye!


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