CloudFest Day 2 .NET on GCP - UX + DevX + vision + translate API + ML.NET

GDG Cloud London
Tue, Jan 29, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product libraries and frameworks to quickly build and iterate .NET apps on Google Cloud Platform!

We welcome a number of speakers from the Cloud C# team!


Sarah D'Angelo
Title: UX and DevX: How user experience research informs our tooling.

Talk: User experience researchers at Google try to make developers happy by creating useful and usable tooling. In this talk, I will discuss what user experience research is and how your feedback informs Google Cloud Platform tooling.

Bio: Sarah is User Experience Researcher on Google Cloud. Her research focuses on understanding developer needs and helping design tools to improve developer experience. Prior to Google, she received a PhD in Technology and Social Behavior from Northwestern University.

Jon Foust
Title: Online image translation using C#, Vision and Translate

Talk: The Google Translate app has had great success and is used worldwide but there is a lack of support for online images. In this talk, I will show how with the use of C# and Google API’s we can build a product that supports online and local images. We will also explore how the vision and translate API’s take into account specific language and tricky mediums.

Bio: Jon is a Developer Advocate on Google Cloud Gaming. He is currently focused on Unity and GCP’s “Connected Games” plan to make the creation of performant and scalable connected games easier for developers. He plans on bridging the gap between Google’s .NET API’s/tools and Unity developers.

Lee Mallon
Title: Intro into ML.NET with C#
Lee Mallon is the CTO of RARELY IMPOSSIBLE, a software consultancy that helps retail brands build data led digital experiences.

Machine learning is on the rise but currently has a high bar to entry for software developers. Software developers are currently embracing cloud hosted APIs that provide AI-like functionality such as analysing vision, speech, language, text but where do you go when the API can't do what you need?

ML.NET enables .NET developers to start embracing machine learning today, and during this session, we will see how.

Tentative Agenda:

18:00 - Registration + Pizza + Networking
18:30 - Talks begin!
21:00 - Goodbye!

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