CloudFest Day 1 .NET on Google Cloud Platform. DialogFlow + Serverless + Knative

GDG Cloud London
Mon, Jan 28, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product libraries and frameworks to quickly build and iterate .NET apps on Google Cloud Platform!

We welcome a number of speakers from the Cloud C# team!


Jon Skeet + Amanda Cavallaro

Title: Dialogflow: side by side fulfilment implementation in NodeJS and .NET

Talk: Amanda and Jon will show you a parallel on how you can build conversational experiences using dialogflow in node and C# on the Google Cloud Platform.

They will show you a demo on how you can even escalate the conversation to a real human, as it can help you detect when human intervention is needed by using the ability of sentiment analysis, leveraging both sides of AI and Machine Learning in one computer-human interaction platform.

Bio: Jon leads the engineering team building the .NET client libraries for Google Cloud Platform services. He's passionate about C# as a language, time zones, and diversity in tech.

Bio: Amanda is a software developer and a Google Dev Expert for Actions on Google. She is passionate about Cloud technologies and Human-Computer Interactions. You can speak to her in Portuguese, English, Italian and a little bit of Japanese.

Mete Atamel
Title: Serverless with Knative

Talk: When you build a serverless app, you either tie yourself to a cloud provider, or you end up building your own serverless stack. Knative provides a better choice. Knative extends Kubernetes to provide a set of middleware components (build, serving, events) for modern, source-centric, and container-based apps that can run anywhere. In this talk, we’ll see how we can use Knative primitives to build a serverless app that utilizes the Machine Learning magic of the cloud.

Bio (Mete): Mete is a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on helping developers with Google Cloud. As a long-time Java and C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from the island of Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich of London, not too far away from the prime meridian.

Jason Berryman
Title: Serverless with Firebase

You have a great idea for an app. You just want to start building it, not spend months building database servers, APIs and managing sharding, replication, backups, etc. I'll be showing how the Firebase "BackEnd-as-a-Service" can get you up and running in minutes, rather than months.

Jason is a freelance consultant and a Google Developers Expert. He specialises in the design and architecture of serverless / microservices solutions on Google Cloud Platform.


Food, snacks and beverages will be provided.
Tentative schedule:
18:00-18:30 - Registration + Networking + Pizzas, snacks and beverages
18:30 onwards - The three talks
20:30 - Networking
21:00 - Goodbye!