17: General Talks - Python + Tensorflow + Cloud Functions + Firebase + Services

GDG Cloud London
Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 6:30 PM (BST)

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General Monthly Meetup of GDG Cloud London for June 2018.

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1) Cases of use of TensorFlow and High Level APIS

The talk will cover cases of use for TensorFlow approach and High level APIs which let ML practitioners do many more modelling experiments with only a few lines of code. Some highlights are Head API, Transfer Learning, and Gradient Boosted Trees.

*Gema Parreño* is Data Scientist at BBVA Innovation Labs. She designed DeepAsteroid, a Neural net architecture able to predict asteroids impact on earth . The project was selected among the 25th most innovative in the world and in between the 5th of the best use of data in NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 and selected as one of the cases of use for Tensorflow in Google I/O 2017. She currently contributes to several open source projects having machine learning at their core.
More at https://github.com/soygema

2) Did you know you have superpowers? The average person now has access to more data and more powerful tools and computing resources for analyzing that data than ever before in human history. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to combine Google cloud services (like Dataprep, Dataflow, BigQuery, and Data Studio), along with modern Python tools to analyze and visualize some interesting and practical questions (for example, What makes people happy? and Analyzing web trends from the HTTP Archive). You'll leave this session with a better sense of how much data analytic power is available right at your fingertips.

*Marc Cohen* - I build tools, demos, codelabs, and other things to make the Google Cloud Platform easier and more fun to use. Originally from New Jersey, then Seattle, and now live and work in London. I co-authored a book about Google Compute Engine and wrote the product announcement demo. In a previous life, I developed communication systems at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. Outside of work, I enjoy indie music, quirky films (especially documentaries), books, puzzles, and chess. I'm also very interested in education, teaching, and applying technology (like spaced repetition) to enhance the learning experience.

3) Let's go serverless with Cloud Functions for Firebase
Just add code. We'll take a look at how Cloud Functions can be used to create fully managed, scalable, on-demand microservices, to transform data, manipulate images / audio or connect to 3rd party APIs.

*Jason* is a Firebase GDE and launch partner for Google Cloud products, such as Cloud Firestore and Cloud Text-to-Speech. He develops voice applications using SIP and WebRTC, driven by various Google Cloud technologies.

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