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Web3Works, Phase 2, Lahore, 54782

Dive into the future of tech at the "Build with AI" workshop in Lahore on April 20, 2024. Explore Python Blockchain and Google Gemini AI with industry experts at Web3Works, Johar Town. Ideal for intermediate to advanced learners, this event combines hands-on learning with cutting-edge insights. Secure your spot now for a transformative experience in blockchain and AI!

Apr 20, 12:00 – 3:15 PM



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About this event

Unlock the Future: Python Blockchain Workshop with Google Gemini AI in Lahore

Join us in Lahore for an unparalleled workshop experience, "Build with AI," where the realms of blockchain and artificial intelligence converge. This session, dedicated to Python Blockchain with Google Gemini AI, promises a deep dive into the revolutionary technologies shaping our digital future. Whether you're a developer, a technology enthusiast, or an innovator looking to stay ahead of the curve, this workshop is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and insights to forge ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Date: 20th April 2024

Time: 05 PM - 08 PM (PKT)

Location: Web3Works, G4, Web3Works | 739-G4, Phase 2 Johar Town Block, Phase 2, Lahore, 54782

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Attendee's MUST HAVE: 

1. Internet Device 
2. Laptop Device with Internet access and Admin permissions 

What You Will Learn:

  • Python for Blockchain Development: Get hands-on experience with Python programming for creating and managing blockchain applications.
  • Introduction to Google Gemini AI: Explore the capabilities of Google Gemini AI, Google's cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, and its applications in enhancing blockchain technologies.
  • Real-World Applications: Dive into case studies and real-world applications of Python blockchain, highlighting innovative uses in finance, supply chain management, and beyond.

Why Attend?

  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from industry leaders and experts in blockchain and AI, bringing you the latest insights and trends.
  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical exercises and collaborative projects that put theory into practice.
  • Network with Like-Minded Professionals: Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators in an inspiring environment.
  • Future-Ready Skills: Equip yourself with advanced skills in blockchain and AI, positioning you at the forefront of technological innovation.



Saturday, April 20, 2024
12:00 PM – 3:15 PM UTC


Session Started
Session Ended + Refreshment and Networking


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  • Syed Asad Raza

    Ascend solutions

    GDG Organizer

  • Muhammad Adil Shahzad

    Strategics System International


  • Syed Ali Zain Naqvi


    Event Manager

  • Moez Mustafa


    AR Lead

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