Build with AI: Advanced AI & Machine Learning Techniques and Implementations

Tischnera Office, 8 Księdza Józefa Tischnera, Kraków, 30-418

Dive into an evening of innovative discussions on AI and Machine Learning technologies at our GDG Meetup hosted at the Sabre Office in Krakow. This session is designed for developers, data scientists, and tech leaders keen on integrating advanced AI solutions into their workflows and systems.

May 23, 3:15 – 7:00 PM



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Event Details:

Date: May 23, 2024

Time: 5:15 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: Sabre Office in Krakow - remember to book your spot!

Price: Free!


5:15 PM: Registration opens.

5:30 PM: Presentation by Kamil Gawlik (Google)

"GenAI for (busy) developers - Data Extraction Techniques for Fun and Profit"

Kamil will explore practical data extraction methods that can optimize your projects and enhance workflow efficiencies, from structuring LLM applications to seeding standalone systems, and even creating low-effort memes.

6:25 PM: Break

6:30 PM: Presentation by Marek Godawski (Sabre)

"Exploring advanced RAG-flow with NeumAI and Google Gemini Pro"

Marek will provide an in-depth look at RAGFlow technology and its application in enhancing the capabilities of large language models across different sectors.

• How RAGFlow extracts data from various sources such as document storage and NoSQL databases, processes content into vector embeddings, and utilizes these embeddings in vector databases for effective similarity searches.

• Dive into the technical architecture including high throughput distributed systems, GKE parallelization, and built-in GCP data connectors for seamless data integration.

• Understand the scalability of RAGFlow and how it reduces integration time with data connectors, embedding models, and vector databases.

• Explore use cases of RAGFlow in real-world applications, demonstrating its impact on streamlining operations and enhancing data-driven decisions.

• A live session to discuss your queries and share insights on deploying and scaling RAGFlow in various environments.

7:25 PM: Break

7:45 PM: Presentation by Olga Zydziak (GFT)  

"Zaawansowane zarządzanie modelami AI: Implementacja MLOps na Vertex AI dla maksymalnej efektywności" [In Polish]

Olga will delve into advanced AI model management, focusing on implementing MLOps on Vertex AI to maximize efficiency in AI lifecycle management.

• Wprowadzenie do MLOps na Vertex AI: Zrozumienie podstaw zarządzania cyklem życia modeli AI.

• Automatyzacja procesów AI: Kluczowe strategie dla efektywnego monitorowania, automatyzacji i skalowania.

• Integracja z Google Cloud Platform: Jak wykorzystać możliwości GCP do optymalizacji procesów ML.

• Przyspieszenie innowacji i poprawa wyników biznesowych: Praktyczne przykłady i strategie wykorzystania MLOps do osiągania lepszych wyników w projektach AI.

8:25 PM: Networking session. An opportunity to mingle with peers, discuss insights from the presentations, and exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Meet the Speakers:

Kamil Gawlik:

Kamil, a Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud, harnesses his skills in backend development and distributed systems to help clients maximize their use of Google Cloud Platform.

Marek Godawski:

Marek is a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in creating complex, high-availability distributed systems in fintech and travel-tech industries, passionate about exploring the frontiers of AI.

Olga Żydziak:

Olga focuses on applying artificial intelligence in the banking sector. Her main areas of interest are MlOps, as well as experimental branches of deep learning and machine learning such as active learning, federated learning or KAN networks.

Additional Information:

Admission is free; however, registration is required as space is limited.

The event includes practical demonstrations and a live Q&A session, providing a platform to engage directly with the experts.

Light refreshments and non-alcoholic beer will be available during breaks.

Ensure your spot today and stay at the forefront of AI technology advancements by registering now!



Thursday, May 23, 2024
3:15 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


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