Code Vipassana Season 4

Code Vipassana Season 4 is a 7-part hands-on Generative AI focused series where you will build 7 - 10 unique use cases with various tech stacks and Google Cloud services! Each season and each session is independent and beginner-friendly. The hands-on caters to all levels - from beginner to advanced!

Nov 6, 2023, 2:30 – 4:30 PM


Key Themes


About this event

Theme: Generative AI

Prerequisites: A browser, internet and a passionate learner that is YOU

🎉Recognition: FREE LEARNING & ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES! Most of our consistent Code Vipassana practitioners / learners are now Google Cloud Medium published authors, speakers, community leads, Google's Open Source Award winners and some on track to become Google Cloud Innovator Champions and GDEs.

🗓️ Code Vipassana Virtual Session Dates

Session 1: November 6, 8PM

Session 2: November 8, 8PM

Session 3: November 20, 8PM

Session 4: November 22, 8PM

Session 5: November 27, 8PM

Session 6: December 4, 8PM

Session 7: December 7, 8PM

Sessions are 1 hour 15 mins long. End time is quarter past 9, so we have a buffer just in case.

➕++Sessions (in-person, hosted by the respective GDG DevFest Teams)

DevFest Mangalore: November 18

DevFest Cochin: November 25-28 (TBD)

DevFest Chandigarh: December 9

🏅SEASON FINALE: Bangalore!!! December 16 (in-person, hosted by Bangalore DevFest)


  • Abirami Sukumaran


    Developer Advocate


  • Kiran S Raj


    GDG Organizer

  • Mehar Rahim


    Execom Member

  • Sneha C

    Execom Member

  • Abhay Padzy

    Creative Head

  • Joshua Antony Rebeiro

    Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology

    Creative Head

  • Rufus George Roy

    Creative Head

  • Abdul Hakkeem P A

    Nav Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Interactive’s Head

  • Lakshmi Neithilath

    Government Engineering College Thrissur

    Execom Member

  • Mubeena K P

    Execom Member

  • Arjun Pramod

    NTT Data

    Execom Member

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