Build with AI - The Hackathon

Integrated Startup Complex (ISC) - KSUM, Kinfra Hi-Tech Park Main Road, Kochi, 683503

Join us for the first-of-its-kind 24-hour hackathon hosted by GDG Cloud Kochi! 🌟

Apr 20, 3:30 AM – Apr 21, 5:15 AM


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About this event

Build with AI - The Hackathon

In a world where AI is as commonplace as your daily cup of chai from the corner tea joint, why not Build With AI, GDG's largest AI Hackathon in Kerala! (Let's hope AI takes a cue from chai and solves all our life's problems)? This isn't your average hackathon – we've got workshops, expert sessions, games, music, food, and a boatload of fun, all topped off with a hefty dose of knowledge.
Circle the dates of April 20th and 21st and swap out the mundane for a weekend filled with innovation and excitement 🚀. The journey doesn't end in two days, your potential idea can be the next big start-up. Many more exciting things are awaiting. The suspense continues and don't forget about that pinch of Google magic ✨. Join us for the first-of-its-kind 24-hour hackathon hosted by GDG Cloud Kochi! 🌟

Put on your creative cap and dissect problem statements

✨ Did you know a T-Rex's arms were too small to even reach its mouth? Let's give everyone a helping hand (or claw) with AI! Develop solutions for real-time sign language translation, voice-controlled smart homes, and more at Build With AI!

✨ Did you know some plants can actually "talk" to each other? Let's give our planet a voice with AI! Develop AI-powered waste sorting robots, smart irrigation systems that predict weather patterns for water conservation, and even early warning systems for natural disasters. Let's use AI to help the Earth speak up at Build with AI!

✨ Around 1 in 4 young people in low-income nations are illiterate. At Build with AI Kerala develop AI tutors that adapt to individual learning styles and overcome language barriers, create personalized educational content that caters to diverse learning needs, and build early childhood development tools that make learning fun and engaging for all children.

✨ Sign language isn't just miming words! Sign languages have their grammar and syntax, just like spoken languages. Design projects that promote inclusion by developing AI-powered translation devices that can handle not just spoken languages, but also sign languages used in Kerala's diverse communities. Let's break down communication barriers and build a truly connected Kerala!

✨ Certain musical notes can trigger specific emotions! Develop AI tools that analyze these connections. Imagine crafting music that perfectly captures the joy, sorrow, or pure dancefloor frenzy. Let's empower musicians to tailor emotional responses with the magic of AI! Let's use AI to turn your musical dreams into reality!

✨ Did you know India generates more waste than any country besides China and the US? Build With AI to develop AI-powered waste sorting robots, smart irrigation systems that predict monsoons,  and even disaster prediction models to keep us a step ahead of Nature's tantrums. Let's use AI to create a cleaner, greener Kerala for everyone!

✨  Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day! Don't sleep on this challenge! Build with AI Kerala! The "What if?" AI Challenge asks one question: What if anything were possible with AI? Flying cars? Robot butlers? Dream big and build the future at Build With AI!

- Regarding the Prizes, ooh, we've got so many secrets in store. Can't wait to know about them? Fear not, because you're one AI solution away from it 😉

Note: Build with AI - The Hackathon is restricted to a limited amount of participants. The GDG Organizers will get in touch with you regarding the confirmation status of your participation.


  • Bhaarat Krishnan

    BlueSwype Technologies


  • Kiran S Raj


    Lead Data Scientist


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Kerala Startup Mission


  • Kiran S Raj


    GDG Organizer

  • Mehar Rahim


    Execom Member

  • Sneha C

    Execom Member

  • Abhay Padzy

    Creative Head

  • Joshua Antony Rebeiro

    Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology

    Creative Head

  • Rufus George Roy

    Creative Head

  • Abdul Hakkeem P A

    Nav Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Interactive’s Head

  • Lakshmi Neithilath

    Government Engineering College Thrissur

    Execom Member

  • Mubeena K P

    Execom Member

  • Arjun Pramod

    NTT Data

    Execom Member

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