web.dev LIVE with GDG Cloud Fredericton

GDG Fredericton
Sat, Aug 1, 2020, 1:00 PM (ADT)

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About this event

web.dev LIVE aims to bring web developers together, from home.

The Web plays a special role here, and through web.dev LIVE, we want to bring surface some great stories of the community, take a moment to acknowledge the latest in the platform and tools, and allow web developers to come together and engage.

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We will be pleased to have Jeff Posnick (@jeffposnick) who is a member of Google's Web Developer Relations team, based in Brooklyn, NY. He focuses on building libraries to simplify the creation of Progressive Web Apps. Jeff will be sharing a round of updates for web developers, based on announcements from the recent web.dev/Live event. There will be a special focus on Progressive Web App technologies, including best practices for service worker development and the latest in Project Fugu APIs.

More information and the rest of the Agenda will be available soon