Meet the Atlantic Canada Dev Community! NB, PEI, NS, NL Virtual Panel

Ever wondered what goes into building a developer community? Curious to see how tech groups are doing in Atlantic Canada? Join us for a panel discussion on March 9th with representatives from Halihax Group, PEIDevs, NDev, and GDG Cloud Fredericton. Registration is free available on Eventbrite:

Mar 9, 2021, 11:00 PM – Mar 10, 2021, 1:00 AM


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Join us for a panel discussion featuring organizers from Pei Devs, NDev, and GDG Cloud Fredericton developer groups.

Meet the Atlantic Canada Dev Community! NB, PEI, NS, NL virtual panel

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GDG Cloud Fredricton, New Brunswick 

  • Abdullah Al Qayyim

Business Development Manager - ValueLabs - Global IT Tech Firm Technology Consultant - OneLifeTools - Career Development Organization

Abdullah is an activist, technologist, and an award-winning social innovator who recently moved to Canada. ​He founded several initiatives and worked in the US, UAE, India, and Jordan both in the full profit and nonprofit sectors. He is one of the GDG organizers in New Brunswick and a fellow for multiple leadership programs. ​He believes everyone has the potential to make the world a better place if they do work that aligns with their personality and values. He tries to combine the world of technology with social innovation and the world of business with people and community. Linkedin, Website

  • Pragith Prakash

Senior Data Scientist @ Sofvie Inc.

Over 8 years of experience in building and automating data products on the Cloud for Fortune 500 companies and over 15 years of exposure to Computer Networking, Security and Software Development through hobby learning.

He also teaches Stats and Data Analysis as a Part-Time Professor at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON. Twitter, Linkedin

NDev, St.John's Newfoundland 

  • Michael Noseworthy

Senior Software Developer @ Rally

Mike is a Senior Software Developer at Rally, a legal tech start-up founded in St. John’s & Toronto that has quickly stretched to all corners of North America. After graduating from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador's Software Engineering program in 2012, Mike moved to Ottawa and cut his teeth in the software-start-up community there. When he moved home to Newfoundland in 2015 he found that he was missing the many software meet-ups and user groups that existed in Ottawa and decided to start his own with good friend and Co-Founder Scott Stevenson. Now they organize the NDev meetup group in St. John’s which (pre-pandemic) hosts monthly talks at local company offices or watering holes and hopes to be a welcoming space for new and old devs alike!

PEI Devs

  • Evan Porter

Senior Consultant @ Binary Star

Evan Porter has been living in PEI for over 10 years and spent that time as a web developer or web adjacent developer. I’ve been attending PEI Devs since 2012 and have been an organizer since 2016.

  • Matt Duffy

Matt Duffy loves searching problem spaces for things to grab his attention and solution spaces for things to calm his nerves. After learning about programming at the tender age of 11, he was ruined to most honest work. Coming from a small town and a family that strongly valued community and service, Matt has spent much of his life searching to find like minds to get up to good trouble with. Finding PEI Devs was practically a foregone conclusion. At PEI Devs Matt became a rapt audience member followed by a regular speaker and then a community organizer. Matt enjoys spending his time reading, cooking and tinkering. He also makes as much time as possible for playing with his daughters; trying to see the world through their eyes and bring that curiosity and beginner’s mind to the other aspects in his every day.

Halihax (Twitter, Linkedin, Website)

  • Alex 'Sandy' Walsh

Principal Engineer @

Based in Halifax, Alex 'Sandy' Walsh is a Principal Engineer with and the owner of Dark Secret Software. He has been a senior professional developer for over 20 years, a Pythonista for 10+ years and a Golang developer for the last few years. Previously, he was a core developer on the OpenStack Nova project with Rackspace.

  • Tim Speed

Former CTO @ (acquired by in 2014)

Last employed at Tim has mainly been a full-stack developer for the past 14 years but has had many roles and responsibilities, from infrastructure to management.




March 9 – 10, 2021
11:00 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


Introductions & Welcome
Intro: GDG Cloud Fredricton
Intro: NDev
Intro: PEI Devs
Intro: Halifax


  • Youssef El-Khoury


  • Shaimaa Abbas


  • Youssef El-Khoury

    GDG Fredericton Lead

  • Hadear Marzooque

    H.M. Immigratr

    Founder and CEO

  • Shereef Marzouk

    DaySmart Software Inc.

    Staff software engineer

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