IWD Fredericton 2019

GDG Cloud Fredericton
Mar 15 - 24, 2019, 11:00 AM (ADT)

About this event

We are proud to celebrate the 2019 International Women's month, to highlight the stories of our growing female community of designers, developers, and technology entrepreneurs in New Brunswick.

You will meet us 3 days this month with amazing women innovations in Fredericton :

March 15th , 2019
The Future Is _ : A night of appreciation and recognition
@Wu conference centre
By: Women for Atlantic - Youth Chapter
This day will be an opportunity to celebrate empowerment, leadership, and diversity not only for the W4A Youth Chapter, but for all groups seeking to promote equality for all peoples in the UNB Community. Our goal is to show appreciation to these groups for their hard work and success this year, and to showcase what the future has to hold for UNB. The high point of this event will be the presentation of a scholarship, decided and awarded by the Board of Women for Atlantic. Most importantly, our event will be an opportunity to come together and take pride in ourselves, and be inspired to pursue our missions for years to come.

March 23rd, 2019
Girls STEM Up Conference
@ Fredericton Convention Centre
By: Girls STEM
Girls STEM Up is Atlantic Canada's first conference geared towards empowering women in STEM, as well as, fostering allyship and celebrating diversity. ✨ We encourage everyone to be part of this conversation, meet and interact with prominent STEM organizations/ inspirational speakers, and overall, be an agent for positive change!

March 24th, 2019
Afternoon with Women in Engineering
@ Head Hall, UNB
By: UNB Diversity Within Engineering
This day will be a panel discussion with professional engineers, it will focus on diversity in the workplace, and interesectionality. This event will be taking place in Head Hall, please register for free to RSVP your seat.

Will have great speakers coming from all over New Brunswick, WTM Celebration Event is not restricted for women only, we would love to welcome everyone to share our happiness and the inspiration in Tech Society in New Brunswick