ML Study Jam: Intro to Machine Learning

GDG Cloud Edmonton
Sat, May 6, 1:00 PM (MDT)

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We'll start with an overview of how machine learning models work and how they are used. This may feel basic if you've done statistical modeling or machine learning before. Don't worry, we will progress to building powerful models soon.

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About this event

ML Study Jam is a collective learning program helping community members to grow as ML practitioners. The idea is to go through basic ML concepts and share the knowledge in a community. By honing skills and enhancing capabilities, a beginner can start one鈥檚 journey to becoming an ML expert. 馃 馃殌

This track is a study program going through Kaggle Learn courses. The goal of these assignments is to cover the most essential skills rapidly. Such as how to use TensorFlow or Pandas and how to build your first Machine Learning model and participate in your first competition 馃憦 馃帀  

Kaggle is the world鈥檚 largest data science and machine learning community. It offers a no-setup, customizable Jupyter Notebooks environment, access to free GPUs, and a huge repository of community-published data & code.

"Intro to Machine Learning" is the first session of a series of 5 sessions :

  1. Intro to Machine Learning
  2. Intermediate Machine Learning
  3. Intro to Deep Learning
  4. Time Series 
  5. NLP ( Bonus session )

In this first session, we are going to cover the content based on Kaggle's micro-course "Intro to Machine Learning":

  1. How Models Work
  2. Basic Data Exploration
  3. Your First Machine Learning Model
  4. Model Validation
  5. Underfitting and Overfitting 
  6. Random Forest
  7. Machine Learning Competitions 

For more details, you can check it out below 馃憞


1.  Have access to a Browser (preferably Google Chrome)

2. Sign up to Kaggle 

3. Eager to Learn !!! 

4. Have Completed the 馃惣 Pandas microcourse 



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    Vannia Hnatiuk

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