GEE Series 3 - Storytelling from Space: Google Tools to Present a Changing World

GDG Cloud Edmonton
Wed, Sep 14, 2022, 5:00 PM (MDT)

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About this event

Producing high quality data analyses is only half the battle. Once the code is written, the data parsed, and the results understood, it is necessary to share these findings with the public. This talk will teach participants how to turn satellite-based analyses into compelling stories of results and their significance. Participants will learn to convert their Google Earth Engine scripts into interactive, publicly understandable apps for widespread viewing. Demos of the suite of Geo for Good storytelling tools - including Timelapse, Google Earth Studio, and Google Earth Voyager Stories - will enable participants to tell their satellite-based stories through multiple mediums. Ultimately, this talk seeks to equip participants with the tools necessary to amplify their analyses’ impact on policy, the scientific community, and the wider world.


The audience should have intermediate knowledge of Earth Engine coding to fully understand the Earth Engine apps portion of the talk. 



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