GDG Cloud Dublin - April 2018

About this event

GDG Cloud Dublin - April 2018 is our monthly meetup that offers speaker sessions across Cloud, applications, microservices, and more!

This month the talk is going to be on Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes in GCP lead by Javier Arrieta.

Javier has more than 35 years of programming experience with more than 25 years of OOP programming. He has been giving several talks on microservices, system architecture/ops, functional scala, etc. in various meetups and internal talks.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Google - Gordon House on April 19, 2018.

NOTE: Please register for your free ticket on Eventbrite! We have limited seats so hurry up!

GDG Cloud Dublin Team


  • Ricardo La Rosa

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  • Swapnil Parashar

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