Node-RED and Google Cloud

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Node-RED is a popular Open Source project that provides a visual low code development and execution engine. Simply by dragging and dropping visual building blocks you can construct a runnable flow. Node-RED runs great on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and has many building blocks (nodes) available representing the GCP based services including Google Cloud Storage, PubSub, BigQuery, Datatstore, Doc AI and many more.

This session will introduce you to Node-RED describing when and how you might use it with a focus on deployment on GCP. Attention will also be given on using GCP specific nodes to build GCP oriented flows. The content will be a few slides by way of introduction followed by a lot of show and tell in the form of demonstrations from a technical specialist who understands Node-RED running on GCP very well.



Tuesday, Apr 27
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CDT)


  • Jacob Wilson

    Jacob Wilson


    Senior Architect | Cloud, Data, Machine Learning