Googler Lukman Ramsey on ML Feature Engineering, Model Optimization, & Q&A

About this event

--About the Event--
Googler Lukman Ramsey (@lukmanR) will be in town and he offered (i.e. was volunteered) to spend Wednesday evening with us to discuss Machine Learning feature engineering and model optimization in Google Cloud. We plan to cover best practices and applied techniques, but this will very much be an open discussion as he had not previously planned to give a specific structured presentation, so please come with questions!

About Lukman (shamelessly plucked from his LinkedIn): Entrepreneur, engineer and technology executive. Hands-on developer, technical leader and product manager. Deep experience in machine learning, TensorFlow, Google Cloud, education technology, virtualization, web, mobile, enterprise, speech recognition/IVR. Lukman has been with Google for over a year and a half and has prior experience serving as a CTO and Chief Product Officer for multiple companies.

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