Get Going with Istio and GKE

About this event

Istio and GKE: An Overview of the Kubernetes and GKE Ecosystem (part of a new series on the greater Kubernetes ecosystem)

Kubernetes has taken off like wildfire, and now Istio is building on that success and taking the World by storm. Istio serves as the glue between all those beautiful Kubernetes Pods that you've spent so long creating. And now, Istio serves as the backbone for some of the most interesting new projects out there, such as Knative, Google's CloudRun, and Google's Anthos Project.

In this session we will look at how to get started with Istio on your own Google Kubernetes Cluster (GKE) and look at how to implement some of the features built into Istio that provide so much power. As an added bonus you will hear of some best practices when debugging issues with Istio and how to overcome on a tight deadline.

About the speaker:
Jonathan is CTO for Alto, a ride-hailing startup based here is Dallas. At Alto, Jonathan works with Jacob and many other talented developers to produce some of the most amazing systems around. Using Kubernetes, Istio, Firebase, and many other wonderful products, Alto is positioned to grow and scale out to the entire nation.

Nothing necessary other than your brain for this one!

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