GCP in Production: Evolution of Microservices (talk and Q&A)

About this event

For our next meet up, we wanted to do something a bit different from our prior tech talks.  This time we're going to have a current Google Cloud customer to present and discuss their experience building microservices on GCP.  Randall Lee has graciously offered to share the Home Depot team's experience and how their services have evolved.  We should have some time for questions as well following the presentation if you're curious about production-ready GCP microservices.

If your organization is determining whether to make the jump, this is going to be a must attend session!

Note: We will be meeting in a different location that is still to be determined for this month as our normal spot is unavailable.  As such, for now the RSVP slots will be lower than normal until we confirm how much space we'll have, but we have a fallback location if necessary.  Watch here for more info on location.

Update:  Location has been settled and we're going to be meeting in the Addison TreeHouse!  I've update the location on the meeting details and I'll be upping the number of attendee openings we have.