Cloud ML: 3 Easy Ways to Get Started (AutoML, SQL, Keras) and How to Choose One

About this event

Machine Learning continues to become more democratized -- the tools and libraries are easier to use, and there are a variety of different abstractions now available. Whether you are a developer who does mostly Java, a data analyst who works in SQL, or a data scientist who works in Python/R, you can now solve machine learning problems at a pretty high-level. We will walk through solving the same text classification problem using Auto ML, using SQL, and using Keras on Google Cloud Platform. Then, we will talk about the tradeoffs of each approach, and how a business might choose between these approaches (i.e., which team would do what).

Lak is currently a Tech Lead for Big Data and Machine Learning Professional Services on Google Cloud Platform. He is the author of Data Science on GCP (O'Reilly) and Machine Learning on GCP (Coursera). His mission is to democratize machine learning so that it can be done by anyone anywhere using Google's amazing infrastructure (i.e., without deep knowledge of statistics or programming or ownership of lots of hardware).

6:00pm: Welcome, grab food and chat with fellow attendees.
6:30pm: Talk Begins
7:45pm: Talk Ends, Q&A Begins
8:00pm: Event ends

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