Serverless workshop with Cloud Run and Cloud Build

GDG Cloud Copenhagen
Tue, Nov 19, 2019, 5:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

Hi everyone!

In this workshop we are going to learn about Google Cloud new product called Cloud Run which was launched this year. It is a super interesting product that allows you to run any Docker container and you only pay for what you use! Meaning this is the perfect product for developers that are making new product, startups or even for side-projects!

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In this workshop we will start from scratch, build a simple application and then launch it on Cloud Run. Afterwards will we try to use Google Cloud - Cloud Build to build our app each time we make a commit. This would be continuous integration as each time we make a chance we ensure that everything is building and works. Lastly we will connect Cloud Build to Cloud Run so that each time we commit it will automatically deploy our latest chances. This is incredible powerful as we are able to deploy something with very little overhead and pay nearly nothing for something high value, keeping backend online at all times!

This workshop is non-profit and it costs 50 kroners to cover renting the room and for the drinks and food. All details will publish like this last workshop

17:00 Doors Open
17:30 Welcome
17:40 What is serverless and Cloud Run?
18:00 Exercises with Cloud Run
18:30 Sandwiches and drinks
18:50 Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Cloud Build
19:10 Exercises with Cloud Build
20:30 Follow up talk and networking!

Before the workshop it would be best if you signed up for Google Cloud. It is free and will not cost you anything monthly, but it takes a few minutes as you have to confirm your mobile number.

Who is behind and why?
My name is Kevin, I like organizing meetups and workshops and teaching. I think that Cloud Run and Cloud Build are such cool tools for any developers that I think more people will benefit of knowing them. I think that the best way to learn is hands-on and having somebody to help just for a second over the shoulder when something doesn’t work is the best. Also being productive and feeling productive is one thing that makes me very happy each day and those tools contribute to that 😄

Where can I read more about Cloud Run?
Yes, you can read more about Cloud Run here Our community friend Martin Omander has also made this cool series on youtube about Serverless Toolbox, they are pretty funny
I also have two talks about serverless and cloud run that shows a bit what we are going to go through:
How Cloud Run is the final destination in my Cloud Native journey
Why serverless never really worked for me until now!

Best regards Kevin

If you have any questions please reach out to me either here or on mail. [masked]

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