Learn about Google Cloud at Google Denmark

GDG Cloud Copenhagen
Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome to the first Google Developer Group Cloud in Copenhagen. This is really exciting as this will be a group focusing on the many things that happen in Cloud and on the Google Cloud platform. We will focus on learning and talking use-cases for the exciting solutions in Machine Learning with Tensorflow and hosting with Kubernetes and Serverless.

Time schedule:
17:00 Doors open
17:30 Welcome to GDG Cloud - Kevin Simper
17:40 Welcome from Google Denmark - Alejandro Montenegro
17:50 First presentation - Running on the Google Cloud platform - Kevin Simper
18:20 Snacks and something to drink
18:35 How we use Google Cloud at Hypefactors - Viet Yen Nguyen https://hypefactors.com/
19:05 Raffle with a cool prize
19:15 Socialize with other Google Cloud users
20:00 Thank you for today!

What is GDG Cloud Copenhagen?
It is a meetup group that is organized by the community and helped by Google with resources to provide the best experience for the community in Copenhagen to learn about cloud and the Google Cloud platform.

Can I present something at the meetup?
Yes, you are very welcome to come and present your ideas/solutions. We really admire and actively promote talks that help the community to get a new look on something or see how something is used in other companies!

Friendly regards
The GDG Cloud organizers