What is Google Maps Platform? (Weekly Webinar 1)

GDG Cloud Coimbatore
Sun, Mar 29, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

Welcome to GDG Cloud Coimbatore's Webinar Season. With the wake of COVID-19 situation, we thought of reaching to our community with a weekly webinar session until June 2020. Every week, we'll cover about a topic and help you learn about it.

This week (29th March), we will talk deep about the new Google Maps Platform in the Google Cloud ecosystem. GMP or Google Maps Platform was recently split from the GCP itself and will now be managed on it's own.


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Note - We have got requests if we could provide Qwiklabs credits for attendees. We would love to give the credits to our community enthusiasts but it's currently not available on demand. We've requested the Google DevRel team to consider for the future meetups/webinars/study jams and we will intimate about the updates as and when we get.