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GDG Cloud Chennai
Sat, Apr 4, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

*** Webinar link: Will provide at 9AM on event day.
*** Read details completely before join the event.
*** Watch this event page closely for updates.
*** New initiative from community. Appreciate your cooperation.
*** If your status is going, then you are confirmed for meetup (no manual confirmation email sent).

*** Prerequisite ***
* Basics of Python coding.
* Knowledge of API.
* Knowledge of JSON.

*** What will you be building in this workshop? ***
Scenario : QEats is a popular food ordering app. It gives users a list of nearby restaurants and popular dishes. Users can use the app to order their favourite dishes from restaurants of their choice. Millions of users across the country have been using the QEats app to satisfy their hunger and taste buds.
Feature Request : The most requested feature on QEats is the ability to share reviews on past orders on QEats' social media pages. Users want to click a photo of the orders they have received, write eye-catching captions and add relevant tags to make their reviews easily discoverable. The QEats team is relying on your expertise to implement this Reviews feature. Are you up for the challenge?

*** Plan ***
30-Mar-2020 : Event creation.
31-Mar-2020 : Agenda finalization.
04-Apr-2020 : Online conference link provide at 9AM.

*** Agenda ***
*** Day 1 - 4th Apr 2020 - Online Webinar
09:45 AM to 10:00 AM : Event registration
10:00 AM : Event registration closure
10:00 AM to 10:15 AM : About community
10:15 AM to 11:00 AM : Workshop webinar (by Ajay Ravindra, Founding member of Crio.Do, ex-Google, ex-Cisco)
11:00 AM to 11:15 PM : Event closure.
11:15 AM to 02:00 PM : Crio.Do Platform access.

Day 2 - Workshop in collaboration with Crio Team
04th Apr 2020 from 02:00PM to 05th Apr 2020 EOD : Micro-Experience : Qeats Sneak peek - Social Review (complete successfully and grab badge)

*** What can you expect from this workshop? ***
In this workshop, you will experience the entire product development lifecycle, right from getting a feature request from your product manager, to building, testing, and pushing the feature out, in a work-like environment, with guidance from Crio Tech Leads and the Platform. While going through this experience, you will sharpen your understanding of key concepts like Serialisation, Consuming 3rd Party Rest APIs, Interfaces and more.

*** GCP in Crio - Fully provisioned Developer Environment ***
* While learning through Crio Micro-Experiences, developers don't have to worry about environment setup and can get right into learning-by-building environment.
* This is because they get a VM with a fully provisioned development environment.
* GCP helps us get this development environment ready in no time.

*** About community ***
GDG Cloud Chennai is the official, independent, young (1+ year) and resilient Google Developers Groups (GDG) Cloud community in Chennai location, supported by Google Developers. We have delivered high quality meetup events with 4.5+/5 rating.

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