The AI Fundamentals Series

GDG Cloud Calgary
Sun, Aug 2, 2020, 10:00 AM (MDT)

About this event

The AI Fundamentals Series is an online workshop-style learning series for developers/ technologists who want to kickstart their AI skills.

Join Suryatapa Roy, for weekly, hands-on sessions covering the tools, techniques and skills you need for a career in AI. The AI Fundamental Series will run from May to September with 2 hour hands-on learning sessions that will be held every Sunday morning 10 am to 12 pm.

In May, we will focus on the fundamentals and getting started with different tools and technologies. In June and July, we will look at different topics in Artificial Intelligence and try to understand, build and deploy models on Google Cloud. In August and September, we will aim to develop an end to end system to solve a real-world problem.

Getting Familiar with Python Tool and Technologies

May 17: 10am – 12pm: Introduction to Deep Learning with Pytorch
May 24: 10am – 12pm: Deep Learning with Keras
May 31: 10am – 12pm: Deep Learning with Tensorflow

Part 2:
Understanding Math and Science

June 6: & June 13, 10am – 12pm: Natural Language Processing
June 20 & June 27: 10am – 12pm: Computer Vision
July 4 & July 11: 10am – 12pm: Reinforcement learning
July 18 & July 25: 10am – 12pm: Imitation learning

Part 3: Problem Solving

August – September: Project / Kaggle Competition

AI Fundamentals is a beginner-friendly series. But, familiarity with the Python language and some development experience would be needed.

Suryatapa is an accomplished Data Scientist, researcher and presenter focussed on Natural Language Processing. She completed her MSc. thesis on Interactive ML (iML) where she integrated real time machine learning systems into virtual environments for collaborative visual analytics on flow fields.