Firebase Study Jam [ONLINE] ► Build Web Apps Hands-On

GDG Cloud Calgary
Thu, Mar 26, 2020, 5:30 PM (MDT)

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About this event

Unlock the power of Firebase and explore the latest Firebase for Web technologies.

Together, we'll learn from some of Calgary's most experienced Firebase Developers who are building and deploying modern enterprise-grade Web Apps. Then we'll get hands-on (virtually, of course) and work through free Firebase for Web codelabs prepared by Google instructors.

Let's Build What's Next and Transform Legacy with Firebase!

****Please Note****
You will need to sign up for the waitlist at to get a Google.Dev Account. It may take 24 hours to be granted access. Once you are granted access, please sign up for your account.

Chris Vanderkooi
Chris has been working as a programmer with Angular/Javascript for 5 years and before that doing UI and graphic design. He has been with ATB Financial for 1.5 years working with Firebase.

Antarpreet Singh
Antarpreet has been programming for the past 5 years in web frameworks like Angular, React and React Native but also native development in Swift, Java and C++. He has been using firebase for the past 3 years as both a real-time and firestore database. He is is a senior software developer at ATB Financial.

Ben Nakaska
Ben can be described as a man with a vision who has no issues setting audacious goals for both himself and the team around him. His goal is to keep our humanity while scaling meaningful connections using new technologies and frequently succeeds. Ben is the Director of Data Science at ATB.


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Join the Firebase Study Google Group (Step 3) before the event. This will allow us to whitelist your email for access to the platform.

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