ML Domains - Deep Learning for Computer Vision

About this event

TensorFlow Turkey launches a new series of monthly events focusing on a specific domain of machine learning at a time. And we're getting started with Deep Learning for Computer Vision.

What you should expect

- General field overview, research areas and types of problems

- Resources, roadmaps, how to get started

- Tips and best practices, experience sharing

- Real-world examples and case summaries

- Future of the field and Q&A session

How you can join

If you believe that you can share anything useful with our community, we'll be more than happy to host you as a speaker. Send us your talk title and abstract, and we'll get in touch with you shortly. It does not necessarily need to be TensorFlow-specific, we are interested in anything related to deep learning for computer vision! You can talk about your project, research, engineering experiences, your startup, corporate company or anything else that you believe we should hear about. Submit your talk now!

Otherwise, simply RSVP to the event and mark it your calendar on April 24. You'll enjoy an evening with full of inspiration!