Terraform in Google Cloud, from ’manual’ to automated

GDG Cloud Budapest
Tue, May 16, 4:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

Dear Clouders,

Get ready because this time we prepared you a presentation and demo about the popular tool Terraform in Google Cloud! Join us online on 16th May from 4pm (CEST) and learn from three experts from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions!

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Detailed description

Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure as Code tool that allows professionals to define and provision infrastructure resources. As it is also available on the Google Cloud Platform, György, Olivér and Krisztián investigated its capabilities and limitations through an example Application deployment called n8n, an also openly available workflow automation tool. In this presentation, we would like to showcase our automated solutions, with an elevated focus on Cloud Native solutions and Security.

Level: basic; knowledge of Terraform and CICD basics is recommended for understanding


16:00 - From manual deployment to automation 

16:15 - Review of the Terraform code and CICD pipeline

16:35 - Cloud Native demo

16:45 - Cloud Security demo

16:50 - Q&A

About the Speakers

György Halasi - Google Cloud Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

He joined Deutsche Telekom in 2022 as an experienced Cloud Engineer with 5+ years of background in IT Application support, network infrastructure build-outs and working on Cloud projects in multinational corporate environments. He’s currently a member of the Google Cloud team focusing on providing solutions in the public and sovereign sectors. Certified Professional Architect, Security Engineer and Associate in Terraform.

Olivér Herceg – GCP Solution Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

Olivér has joined Deutsche Telekom in 2022 as well. He has a background in frontend development and OSS support engineering and is currently working as a Solution Engineer. Olivér has an Associate Google Cloud Engineer certification.

Krisztián Dobos – Cloud Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

Krisztián recently graduated from Eötvös Loránd University as a physicist and joined DT-ITS as a Cloud Engineer a month later. He lacked any kind of expertise but made up for it with eagerness to learn. Currently member of one of the biggest GCP teams in Hungary at DT-ITS, providing support and solutions to large businesses and corporations. He is a certified Associate Google Cloud Engineer.

Language: English

Attendance is free of charge

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See you there!