Machine Learning, Apache Beam, Serverless + BigQuery by Google Dev Advocates

GDG Brisbane
Fri, Aug 11, 2017, 12:00 PM (AEST)

About this event

GDG + GDG Cloud user groups in Brisbane are combining to host Google Developer advocates as they share their experience developing on Google Cloud Platform with the Brisbane community.

Doors open at 12:00pm. Talks will start at 12:30pm sharp, and we'll wrap up by 4pm.

Please RSVP to enable us cater. 

Opening: Tracey Kay (Axalon), Dan King (Axalon), Dale Freya (AginicX)
Introducing GDG Cloud and GDG Brisbane, and providing an overview of the event and Google Cloud Platform in Australia.

Session 1: Analyzing 33 million bike trips with BigQuery - Sara Robinson (Google)

With so many people using NYC’s bike share program, I wanted to see if I could spot any trends in usage. But how did I go from observing bikers on the street to creating visualizations of popular routes based on different biker demographics?

Enter Google’s managed big data analytics warehouse tool - BigQuery! Using BigQuery, I ran queries on 33 million bike trips and integrated my findings with a few visualization tools. I’ll explain my process, do some live queries, and show you how to do the same analysis with your own data.

Sara is a Developer Advocate on Google's Cloud Platform team, focusing on big data and machine learning. She helps developers build awesome apps through demos, online content, and events. Sara has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies from Brandeis University. When she's not programming she can be found on a spin bike, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, or finding the best ice cream in New York.

Session 2: Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow - Mete Atamal (Google)
In this session, we will take a look at the history of massive-scale data processing at Google and how it has evolved over the years. We will learn about Apache Beam, an open source programming model unifying batch and stream processing and see how Apache Beam pipelines can be executed in Google Cloud Dataflow, a fully-managed cloud service for batch and stream data processing.

Mete is a Developer Advocate at Google, currently focused on helping developers with Google Cloud Platform. As a long-time Java and a recent C# developer, I like to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, I worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from Cyprus, I currently live in Greenwich, not too far away from the prime meridian.

Session 3: Serverless with Google Cloud - Bret McGowen (Google)
From Functions-as-a-Service to Backend-as-a-Service, even Big Data-as-a-Service, Serverless is taking many different shapes. Learn what these mean and how Google Cloud Platform is building technology to make sure there's nothing standing between you and running your code. You'll see live demos of integration between Firebase, Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub (and even machine learning) to build autoscaling apps in record time - all without managing servers or application runtimes.

Bret is on the Google Cloud Platform team at Google, focusing on serverless products like Google Cloud Functions, App Engine, Firebase, machine learning APIs, and more. He's currently an aspiring Node.js developer. Prior to Google, Bret worked in the cloud industry at Rackspace as a software engineer building the RackConnect hybrid hosting product. Before that, he led engineering teams at e-commerce and non-profits and tried his hand at creating two startups. He's often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field.

Session 4: BigQuery and Tensorflow - Kaz Sato (Google)
Kaz Sato is Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud team, Google Inc. Focusing on Machine Learning and Data Analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud ML and BigQuery. Kaz has been speaking at major events including Google Cloud Next SF, Google I/O, Strata NYC etc., authoring many GCP blog posts, and leading developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. He is also interested in hardwares and IoT, and has been hosting FPGA meetups since 2013.

Q&A discussion with Google Brisbane Team and Presenters