Google Cloud Platform Certification and Training

GDG Cloud Boston
Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 5:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

GDG Cloud Boston Meetup #9 - September 13, 2018

"Google Cloud Platform Certification and Training"


Google offers 3 certifications to demonstrate proficiency on Google Cloud Platform.

 Associate Cloud Engineer
 Professional Cloud Architect
 Professional Data Engineer

In this session, we will discuss the value of these certifications, help you decide which of them to pursue and discuss training resources to help you.

Resources to be covered include

 Coursera
 Qwiklabs
 Google Codelabs
 Instructor-led training

In the hands-on portion of the session, we will assist anyone interested in setting up a free GCP Trial account, a Qwiklab account and Coursera account. Bring your notebook computer or chromebook to participate in the hands-on activities. In order to create a GCP Trial account, you must have a gmail account (either one that you use for email or we recommend
a separate one) and you must supply a credit card number (but you will not be billed without your explicit approval at the end of the trial.) We will also be encouraging use of 2FA using a hardware key or Google Authenticator and will demo these.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with an interest in improving skills on GCP related to cloud
architecture, data engineering, or app development and anyone interested in getting one of the 3 named certifications. (There are also Gsuite certifications that we will not be covering.)

What you will Learn:

We will help you identify your training objectives and help you design a
learning path to achieve these objectives. If you participate in the hands-on session you will have a GCP trial account with $300 credit for GCP resources. You will know how to run Qwiklabs and identify which labs you want to run. You’ll have a Coursera account and an overview of the GCP-related courses there.