GDG Cloud Boston December Meetup

GDG Cloud Boston
Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 5:30 PM (EST)

About this event

[Date is confirmed. Location has changed, but it is still on the T.]

Join us to hear Philipp Maier of Google Cloud talk about GCP networking.

Consider for a second the impact Google Search has on our daily lives with timely and relevant responses. Now, think of other Google products – Gmail, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Android, Play. Each of these products has over 1 billion monthly users. Google had to develop networking technologies to meet the requirements of a distributed computing infrastructure that can support those billions of users. Google Cloud’s goal is to share these innovations and infrastructure with others so that they can also impact and delight their users.

Philipp Maier will discuss GCP networking at both introductory and advanced levels, highlighting the strengths of using state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies, such as Virtual Private Cloud networks, and global Load Balancers. Advanced features covered will include Network Service Tiers, and several interconnect options that are useful in hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

Should you desire formal training on GCP networking, you'll be in good hands. Philipp is the author and instructor of the new Coursera Specialization "Networking in Google Cloud Platform" Several options for taking these courses will be recommended.

Hosted at mabl

5:30 Doors open
6:00 Food and announcements
6:30 Talk by Philipp Maier
7:30 Q&A Session
8:00 Networking and wrap-up

1. Bring you laptop or notebook computer. There will be a hands-on session toward the end of the evening. It will be helpful to have a GCP Trial account already established, and have the GCP SDK installed. If you want help with those items, please ask us.
2. Parts of this session will be recorded. This is experimental, so we can't promise that a recording of the entire event will be available. It is something we are moving toward for future sessions.