Dealing with Data in an open multicloud environment: An intro to Netapp CVS

GDG Cloud Boston
Wed, Feb 20, 2019, 5:30 PM (EST)

About this event

Bryan Wagoner is a Cloud Architect within the Cloud Data Services unit of Netapp with a focus on GCP. He is a veteran of startup companies with 22 years perspective on the technology industry.

Bryan will present ideas on how to build large multicloud fabrics and avoid vendor lockin.

Users migrating enterprise apps to GCP, anyone dealing with cloud storage or spend issues, analytics apps, or anyone wanting an open multicloud strategy will be especially interested.


5:30pm - Arrive, socialize, food (Boloco)
6:30pm - Presentation
6:15pm - Q&A
7:30pm - Finish

Presentation Summary:

NetApp Vision of creating pan-global IOT/Analytic fabrics using Kubernetes, serverless, and building data fabrics

The world is rapidly changing and consumers need a way to utilize multiple public cloud provider services in conjunction with their own Datacenter resources, seamlessly, while avoiding lock-in to any one provider. NetApp believes that Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Serverless, and a data fabric is a major first step to realizing pan-global fabrics of IOT, Analytics, and the borderless software defined datacenter.

CVS on GCP overview & Use cases

NetApp and Google Cloud formed a strategic alliance to provide a tightly integrated, self-service, multiprotocol file service offering on GCP with superior performance. Cloud Volumes Service allows customers to migrate/build apps with massive IOP and Bandwidth requirements at a low cost price point that enables workloads on GCP that are otherwise too expensive to move or build. CVS is built to look and feel like a google native service through partnership with google.

Cloud Sync Overview

CVS Demo