GDG Cloud Berlin - August Meetup

Google Berlin, 2 Tucholskystraße, Berlin, 10117

Come and join us for the August edition of the Google Cloud Berlin meetup! We have two excellent talks, food + drinks in Google's Berlin HQ and a bunch of your fellow Google Cloud enthusiasts.

Aug 24, 2023, 4:30 – 7:00 PM


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🎤 Talks 🎤

1. Innovative mobile shopping experience, utilizing Google Cloud Platform. Aykut Çevik (CTO, Jooli) 

The speaker:

Aykut Çevik is a technology professional with a career path that began with a passion for programming at the age of 13. His journey includes a victory at an international programming championship, the establishment of his own computer store in Izmir and several other foundations throughout his career. He's worked as a (software) engineer across multiple sectors, and for the past six years has been leading as a CTO in both startups and corporate environments, driving innovation and aligning tech strategies with business goals.

The talk:

Aykut will be outlining the process and technology behind Jooli's innovative mobile shopping experience. Utilizing Google Cloud Platform (GCP), he'll detail how they developed a cross-platform mobile app using Flutter, which communicates with a Node backend running on Kubernetes. He'll delve into the specifics of how they employ real-time AI endpoints, leveraging Pub/Sub and Vertex AI predictions. The focus will be on demonstrating how these cutting-edge technologies have been instrumental in transforming and enhancing the mobile shopping experience for users.

2. "What is happening with my microservices?" Israel Blancas (Software Engineer, Red Hat) 

The speaker:

Israel Blancas Software Engineer at Red Hat. Part of the Distributed Tracing Team. GDE in Google Cloud, AWS Community Builder in Cloud Operations and GDG Organizer. I contribute regularly to the OpenTelemetry project, especially to the Kubernetes Operator for the collector. From Granada (Spain). Foodie.

The talk:

"What is happening with my microservices?": In the era of microservices, cloud-native applications, and complex infrastructure, understanding the health and performance of our systems is both more challenging and crucial than ever. Observability, distinct from mere monitoring, provides insights into the internal states of systems based on their external outputs. This talk will introduce the core principles of observability, delineate its significance in modern software engineering, and offer a primer on key tools and practices. By harnessing the power of observability, engineers can proactively identify issues, optimize performance, and ensure that their systems are resilient and user-centric.



Thursday, August 24, 2023
4:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


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