Data engineering and AI/ML with GCP

Open Financial Technologies, Tower 2, Terrace Floor Collab, RGA Techpark, 18, Sarjapur - Marathahalli Rd, Carmelaram, Hadosiddapura, Doddakannelli, Bangalore, 560035

Hosting a session focused around data engineering and AI/ML with emphasis on GCP

Jul 9, 2022, 4:30 – 7:00 AM


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We're back after close to 2.5 yrs of online events and excited to be hosting a physical meetup!

This event will focus on data engineering and AI/ML with emphasis on Google Cloud Platform.

Here's the rough agenda (subject to update):

1. Welcome and introduction (15 mins)

2. Data Product for Data Mesh on GCP by Pradeep Patil, Accenture (45 mins)

3. Delivering developer and customer experience as a service using Google Cloud, Abirami Sukumaran, Google (45 mins)

4. Break/Refreshments/Networking (30-45 mins)

Session 1 details:

In data engineering implementations, often centralized data teams are bottlenecks. Data mesh proposes domain driven decentralisation, data as a product, federated governance & self-serve data infrastructure. Data products using ontologies, accelerates the analytical/AI/ML use-cases by business teams. Let’s deep dive into how data mesh can be implemented on GCP in this talk.


Pradeep Patil, Innovation & Capability Lead - Accenture

Technophile at heart, dataguy. Building data products for enterprises & large scale ML operationalization. Data mesh advocate and strong believer of business ontology driven AI led transformation for enterprises.

Session 2 details:

Delivering developer and customer experience as a service using Google Cloud showing end to end experience before and after Google Cloud. Technologies that will be covered

a. BigQuery, Cloud Spanner

b. Data Studio

c. Cloud Run, Cloud Functions

d. Vertex AI, AutoML

e. Dialogflow


Abirami Sukumaran, Developer Advocate, Google

Developing and researching products and solutions to advocate and elevate developer experience with Google Cloud. Engaging with technology community in conferences, tech-talks and Google Developer forums to educate and enable Google Cloud development

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