Kafka Training: From Zero to Hero with Apache Kafka

GDG Cloud Bellevue
Nov 9 - 11, 2020, 10:00 AM (PST)

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This is paid online course, follow instructions below to enroll. do NOT rsvp at meetup here.
Start date:
Nov 9th, 10am PST (US Pacific Time), Every Mon and Wed
(double check your local time)

4 sessions, 8hours total, Monday and Wednesday


Are you responsible for building a data platform for your company, or maybe for your customers? Then you must have heard, or even used Apache Kafka - a scalable, distributed and a highly-available open source system used for message brokering, distributed logs, and streaming applications.

Apache Kafka is used by successful tech companies such as Linkedin/Foursquare/Cisco, and also by small startups that want to scale up effortlessly as their business grows. Being highly available, Apache Kafka is used across many industries ranging from technology, fintech, financial services, IoT, retails etc.

Learn to acquire data from its origin to where it can be transported, modified, analyzed, and finally utilized for business value. At the completion of this course, you will learn to create elegant and robust architectures using Kafka.

This is a four-part training on Apache Kafka. The training will offer both theoretical and practical modules. By participating in the training you would be able to:
* Learn the features of Apache Kafka
* Understand the underlying core concepts
* Experience the message brokers with hands-on exercise
* Evaluate Kafka as a solution for your technical challenges

This training is packed with practical exercises and code labs.
* We meet twice a week at AICamp online classroom (powered by zoom)
* Practical walkthroughs that present solutions to actual, real-world problems and challenges
* A no-nonsense teaching style that cuts through all the cruft and help you master kafka
* Build end to end data stream pipeline with everything you learn