Apache Beam Summit 2021 for Data and Stream Processing

A Three-Days Global Virtual Event for Data and Stream Processing, Presented by Google.

Aug 4, 2021, 10:00 PM – Aug 7, 2021, 1:00 AM


Key Themes

CloudDataMachine Learning

About this event

Apache Beam Summit is the premier conference for the worldwide community of Apache Beam users and contributors. It brings together experts and community to share the exciting ways they are using, changing, and advancing Apache Beam and the world of data and stream processing.

Sessions dive on different topics:

- How is Apache Beam evolving and what is in the roadmap.

- How is Beam being used in companies, such as Google, AWS, Mozilla, Oden, Confluent, Niantic, etc..

- How can we strengthen the community.

- Hands-on workshops and networking activities.

===== Important Registration Instruction ======

-- Must register on the event website (https://bit.ly/2UTSHjn ) to receive join link to attend this event.


Featured Speakers:

* Pablo Estrada, Engineer at Google. PMC member, Apache Beam.

* Andrew Pilloud, Apache Beam Committer, Engineer at Google.

* Chamikara Jayalath, Senior Software Engineer at Google.

* David Cavazos, Data Analytics & Machine Learning at Google.

* Elena Cuevas, Senior Partner Solutions Engineer at Confluent

* Jeff Klukas, Data Engineer at Mozilla

* Mariann Nagy, Sr UX Researcher at Google

* Robert Crowe, TensorFlow Developer at Google

* Talat Uyarer, Software Engineer at Palo Alto Networks

* Savitha Jayasankar, Software Engineer,Niantic,Inc.

* 30+ more


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