Nevercode: CI as Smooth as Flutter

GDG Cleveland
Mon, Mar 25, 2019, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Nevercode has been building its CI/CD service with mobile developers in companies like Toyota, Sainsburys and Walmart. Recently we released two new products - Codemagic and Testmagic. Codemagic is a dedicated CI/CD service for Flutter and Testmagic is a free app, written in Flutter to distribute your builds to testers and collect feedback.

Part 1:

In the first part of the meetup we will give a brief introduction to Flutter and Continuous integration. Most of the sessions will focus on testing with Flutter and practical example of common practice of setting up CI with Codemagic for your Flutter project.

Part 2:

Part 2 will go more technical and cover specific use cases when integrating your CI/CD project with third party services like crashlytics and firebase. We will showcase how developers have been using Codemagic and some of the most common custom scripts that are being used.

Codemagic is a dedicated CI, which means we only support Flutter. How does this affect our build times compared to a CI that supports apps written in react native, cordova and ionic for example? We’ve got some statistics to highlight the differences.


Speaker: Mikhail Tokarev, Devops engineer at Nevercode

Mikhail has worked as devops engineer for over 5 years. He is passionate about introducing devops practices into development process in different teams. He joined Nevercode over a year ago and now leads architecture design of both Nevercode and Codemagic. He first saw Flutter in 2018 after Droidcon in Berlin and is excited about helping mobile developers around the world with seamless CI/CD experiences.


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