Flutter 1.0 is Here! And Flutter is now for Desktop too!

GDG Cleveland
Thu, Jan 17, 2019, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

My apologies to all, this meeting has been scheduled for some time. I had posted it to this group and another group and, for some reason, the other group is the only one it was showing up for.

We do have a meeting this Thursday!

Flutter v1.0 has arrived, so it's time to get people started with Flutter 101 +Plus!

Many developers and businesses have said that they were going to wait until v1.0 to be released before they were going to try Flutter, so now the excuses are gone! In addition to being stable for mobile, Google has officially announce they will be putting resources into perfecting Flutter on all desktops, which has already been pioneered by the Flutter Community for several months now.

And then there is Hummingbird.

If you haven't heard, the Hummingbird project is taking the Flutter apps you already write for mobile and desktop, and is putting them on the web too! Write your code once, deploy literally everywhere! Mobile, desktop and web!

So come on down for Flutter 101 +Plus, a 101 that goes into some of the best tips for how to avoid roadblocks in the Flutter learning curve, such as the dreaded "RenderFlex" errors, "Unlimited bounds" and "Infinite height" headaches.

There will be food! Suggestions for what we should have are welcome, but please keep in mind that if Google doesn't offer to help cover the expenses then we may be taking up a collection.

See you there!


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