[Virtual Event] Delivering Istio: Multi-Region Delivery to GKE using Spinnaker

GDG Chicago
Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 4:00 PM (CDT)

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About this event

Many organizations are now leveraging Kubernetes and the cloud to improve reliability and increase development velocity, but using Kubernetes is only half the battle. Software delivery to Kubernetes is a rapidly changing sea of tools that oftentimes leaves organizations to define and build their own methods of delivery to fit their business needs. To further complicate this, deploying software has evolved to include the power service meshes like Istio and deployments distributed across regions to increase availability.

In this talk we will share some strategies from Redbox on how they did this using Spinnaker including:

• Basic overview of Istio and Kubernetes; how they work together
• Brief overview of Spinnaker and why we chose it at Redbox
• Deploying applications to multiple Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters using Spinnaker
• Limiting risk using Spinnaker and Istio to slowly roll out changes with Canary Deployments
• Some common tools to help you debug when things go wrong.

About Speakers:

Joel Vasallo – Manager, Cloud DevOps @ Redbox
Joel is currently the Manager of Cloud DevOps at Redbox where he leads the Cloud DevOps team to architect highly available cloud environments, develop infrastructure and development tools, and empower developers through fully automated single click deployment pipelines. He has been using Spinnaker since it’s initial OSS release, and has experience building complex delivery pipelines for both software and hardware solutions. He is a Pythonista by trade and the cloud is his immutable data center. In his spare time, he is a Google Developer Chicago Organizer running monthly meet ups and a yearly Windy City DevFest conference. When he isn’t working, he loves exploring Sweet Home Chicago!

Lin Meyer – DevOps Cloud Engineer II @ Redbox
Lin is a DevOps Engineer at Redbox specializing in CI/CD workflows, delivery tooling and infrastructure automation. At Redbox he focuses on providing fully automated deployments to power Redbox’s On Demand streaming platform using tools like Jenkins, Spinnaker and Kubernetes. Lin has experience in operations and software engineering, including serving as a System Administrator for the US Navy and working as a .NET Core developer for ALDI.