DevFest Charlotte 2023

1422 S Tryon St ste 600, 1422 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, 28203

The North Carolina DevFest is a community-run conference aimed to bring technologists, developers, students, tech companies, and speakers together to discuss and experiment with technology.

Nov 16, 2023, 10:30 PM – Nov 17, 2023, 1:00 AM


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About this event

GDG Charlotte is proud to present the second year of DevFest Charlotte! Join us for a day of fun and learning with Machine Learning, Tech entrepreneurship, and Cloud technologies alongside Google Developer Experts and local tech entrepreneurs! From AI/Ml to Cloud, Flutter, and Tech entrepreneurship you'll learn everything you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. Talks will be given by Google Developers experts, Tech entrepreneurs, and surprised guests.  


The RailYard South End

1422 S Tryon Street, Suite 600 | Charlotte, NC 28203

Once you park, please take the stairs or elevator down to the 1st

floor. Come in through the lobby and take the elevator banks on the

South Tower to the 6th floor. The South Tower elevators are located on the STIR side of The

RailYard, opposed to the side with North Italia and Rhino Market &

Deli. When you arrive on the 6th floor, it will take you straight to our

reception area. If there is no one to assist you, please ring the Amazon doorbell

located at the reception desk.


AI/ML / Flutter - John Manning, MD, FAMIA, FACEP

Web / Cloud  - Mohamed Shehab, Professor at UNC Charlotte

Tech entrepreneurship - Marcel Folaron, Co-founder & CTO at Leantime


5:30pm-6pm Networking & Opening Remarks

6:00pm-6:30pm: Marcel Folaron, Co-founder & CTO at Leantime

Headline: Open Source Meets Entrepreneurship: Crafting Success Beyond the Code

Abstract: Open source software has enabled incredible innovation, but can it sustain a business by itself? In this talk, we'll examine the challenges of building a company on open source alone and discuss strategies for creating viable businesses around open source projects. We'll look at examples of successful open source companies, exploring how they generate revenue while contributing to community-driven development. The open nature of open source encourages entrepreneurship, but ultimately, sustainable businesses are built on products and services, not just code. Join us as we demystify the intersection of open source and entrepreneurship.

6:30pm-7:00pm: Mohamed Shehab, Professor at UNC Charlotte

7:00pm-7:30pm: John Manning, MD, FAMIA, FACEP

John Manning Description

Headline: In the spirit of Global Entrepreneurship Week, it is critical for technology startups to strike a balance between overall costs, development pipelines, security, and risk. With these factors in mind, we will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of harnessing generative AI within a Flutter technology stack.

Abstract: Throughout this talk, we will include specific examples of AI-generated Flutter code, along with suggestions on how to optimize your AI prompts. This talk is targeted for those with an interest in Dart/Flutter, in generative AI, and in technology entrepreneurship.

Specifically, we will cover:

Does it work?

What are some good, basic use cases of generative AI for technology startups? What use cases are generally less ideal?

Does it save time?

What efficiency gains can be achieved? What does this look like in code?

What’s the risk?

What’s the current landscape of litigation and risk in generative AI? As a technology startup, what court cases should we be watching this year?

7:30 pm-8:00pm Networking & Closing Remarks

DevFests are Google-sponsored software developer conferences that allow the local software development community to come together to network and learn about the coolest new technologies out there. This event is a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and is co-sponsored by Google Developers Groups Charlotte, Slalom Consulting, Innovate Charlotte & Thrive Hub. You'll have a chance to network with developers and entrepreneurs over food and drinks.

This is an official activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international movement to empower entrepreneurs and make it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale. To learn more about GEW and other events in the greater Charlotte area, visit 



November 16 – 17, 2023
10:30 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


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    Daily View Pools LLC


  • Rey Velasco

    WTM Ambassador

  • Ryan Edge

    UpTech Studio

    GDE & GDG (Sr. Software Engineer)

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