Building Intelligent UIs with MediaPipe Solutions: Create a Smart To-Do List App

Dive into the fascinating world of intelligent UI development with our hands-on workshop! We'll be building a unique Smart To-Do List App that auto-categorizes tasks using MediaPipe's advanced natural language processing capabilities.

Jan 6, 1:00 โ€“ 3:00 AM


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Workshop pre-requisites

If you would like to follow along with the workshop or try out the application on your computer, please ensure the following software is installed on your computer:

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MediaPipe is Google's innovative open-source framework designed for building on-device machine learning solutions. This advanced toolset empowers developers to create interactive and intelligent applications directly on various devices, including mobile phones and edge devices, without the need for server-based processing. We will specifically be exploring MediaPipe Solutions, which comprises libraries and tools to help developers quickly integrate AI and ML into their apps in a plug-and-play manner.

This session is perfect for those looking to integrate cutting-edge AI into practical React applications. Join us to learn, innovate, and transform your approach to app development!


  1. A brief overview of MediaPipe Solutions and its application in creating intelligent UIs.
  2. Scaffolding the UI with React
  3. Developing the Auto-Categorization Feature
    1. Integrating MediaPipe Solution's text embedding model for NLP
    2. Designing an algorithm to categorize tasks based on their descriptions
  4. Hands-on testing of the app with different task inputs

Target Audience

Web developers, UI/UX designers, and AI and machine learning enthusiasts.

Basic familiarity with React and an interest in applying AI in web applications.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the integration of MediaPipe's NLP models in web apps.

Gaining practical experience in building an AI-enhanced React application.

Insights into the potential of AI in automating and improving user interactions.


  • Aan Patel


    Software Engineer (AI Team)


  • Miguel Avila

    Organizer - GDG Charlotte


  • Aan Patel


    GDG Organizer

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