# a7nawine - UX-Designers @ RAID

GDG Carthage
Wed, Apr 24, 2019, 10:00 AM (CET)

About this event

# a7nawine
During the annuel event : International annual meeting of the design RAID, and based on the theme of the 2019 RAID (How el Design), we propose to work on the path of the student within his institution. To the extent that the student living space reflects the very identity of these learners in design (graffiti, tags, installations, spontaneous spatial planning, etc.), involve them in reappropriating the space through an immersive experience would be a motivating challenge for this audience.

A workshop through which they will apply the concepts and methods of design thinking, user experience, etc.

Want to take the reins of your student experience? Do you want to leave your mark? The living space in your establishment is unquestionably yours! It is time to tame it!

This workshop is an opportunity to share your experience of the student's journey through the creation of an immersive game combining codes, clues and rules that only students can decode and decipher!


Register Here : https://forms.gle/ZKwuWiVYA4FYNiAJ6

Places are limites to 20 students.