Google Cloud: 1) Data Warehouse in BigQuery; 2) Music Streaming Site in Firebase

How to build: Data Warehouse in BigQuery + Music Streaming Site in Firebase

Mar 11, 2021, 4:00 – 6:00 PM


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Join us to "Lunch & Learn Google Cloud" from real Google Customers:

1. Dan Sullivan - How to Design a Modern Data Warehouse in BigQuery

2. Kudz Murefu - Small Teams, Big Things with Firebase & Serverless

You are in for a treat!


11:00 AM EDT - 11:15 AM EDT Connect & Network

11:15 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT Dan Sullivan: How to Design a Modern Data Warehouse in BigQuery, or Why I Needed to Forget Everything I Learned in Data Modeling School

Google BigQuery is a managed petabyte-scale data warehouse service that has features not available in traditional relational database management systems. Common data warehouse design patterns, like star schemas, can be used in BigQuery but may not be the most performant option. This talk will discuss the advantages of highly denormalized data models and how to take advantage of columnar storage, compression, composite data types, repeated fields, partitioning, clustering, and other features of BigQuery to design scalable data warehouses. 

12:00 PM EDT - 12:45 PM EDT Kudz Murefu: Small Teams, Big Things with Firebase & GCP Serverless Services

Kudz will explain how he launched a production-ready music streaming platform, Strma - that serves tens of thousands of users. He will share the Architectural evolution of - how it grew from a small personal Firebase project into a real business using several other Google Cloud Serverless Services, plus the thought process that led him to the current Architecture.

12:45 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT Win a prize! Closing Comments & Networking

Dan Sullivan will provide free access to Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Practice Exam for our raffle.

Jointly organized by the following communities:

- The Independent Google Cloud Community (C2C)

- Cloud Study Network

- GDG Capital Region

- Serverless Toronto

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  • Dan Sullivan

    PEAK6 Technologies

    Cloud Architect and Data Scientist

  • Kudzanai Murefu

    Strma Music



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