Flutteristas Conference 2021 - Online Event

GDG Capital Region
Sat, Apr 17, 9:30 AM (EDT)

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About this event

This Meetup is open to EVERYONE, not just Flutteristas.


Get your free tickets: https://ti.to/flutteristas/flutteristas-2021

Agenda: https://flutteristas.org/conference-agenda/  

Prizes: https://flutteristas.org/activities-and-prizes/ 

Conference website: https://flutteristas.org/ 

Flutterista Meetup:  https://www.meetup.com/Flutterista/events/276872460/

This event is hosted by the Flutteristas.

📢 Event update: #FlutteristasConference

Save the NEW DATE: APRIL 17 ! 🤩💙

✅ Learn, be inspired, and stay up to date about amazing #Flutter topics

✅ Don’t miss the chance to connect with fellow developers and Flutteristas

… and more. 🎉

“What’s a #Flutteristas Conference?” you ask. It’s where Flutteristas present #Flutter topics and everyone is welcome to attend.


  • Barbara Tallent

    Barbara Tallent

    The @ Company


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  • Kamal Shree

    Kamal Shree

    Google Developer Expert in Flutter

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  • Mais Alheraki

    Mais Alheraki

    Software Engineer, Flutter & Dart GDE

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  • Pooja Bhaumik

    Pooja Bhaumik

    Google Developer Expert for Flutter

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  • Renuka Kelkar

    Renuka Kelkar



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  • Rihanna Kedir

    Rihanna Kedir

    Google Developer Expert in web technologies, Flutter and Dart, Women Techmakers Ambassador, GDG Rome

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  • Nawal Alhamwi

    Nawal Alhamwi

    Women Techmakers Ambassador, GDG & WTM Jeddah, writer @ Flutter Community

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  • Katarina Sheremet

    Katarina Sheremet


    Founder, Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart, WTM Switzerland co-organizer Flutter Zürich Meetup co-organizer.

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  • Radhika Goswami

    Radhika Goswami

    Flutter Developer

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  • Mahtab Tadayon

    Mahtab Tadayon

    Software Engineer Flutter

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  • Aakanksha Shivani

    Aakanksha Shivani

    Developer Student Clubs KIET Group of Institutions

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  • Anagha Sivadas

    Anagha Sivadas

    Computer Science Engineering student and an incoming Application Engineering Intern at Google

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  • Teresa Wu

    Teresa Wu

    Software Engineer

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  • Anna Domashych

    Anna Domashych

    Go, Inc

    Software Engineer Flutter

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  • Merve Arslan

    Merve Arslan


    Flutter Developer

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  • Sarah Fullmer

    Sarah Fullmer

    Flutter Developer

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  • Juna Salviati

    Juna Salviati

    Software Engineer, GDG Rome co-leader, Flutterista, MVP and WTM Ambassador.

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  • Khushbu Thakker

    Khushbu Thakker

    Hyperlink InfoSystem

    Application Developer, GDG / Flutter / Women Techmakers Ahmadabad

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  • Dhruva Shastri

    Dhruva Shastri

    3 Sided Coin

    Spin Doctor, WTM Ahmedabad Ambassador, #IamRemarkable facilitator

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  • Organizers

  • Jason Rotella

    Jason Rotella

    GDG Organizer

  • Blain Smith

    Blain Smith

    GDG Organizer

  • Fausto Hernandez

    Fausto Hernandez

    GDG Organizer

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  • Linda Kovacs

    Linda Kovacs


    GDG Organizer

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  • Chadd Portwine

    Chadd Portwine

    GDG Organizer

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