Flutter Tips for Learning and Productivity

GDG Capital Region
Thu, May 6, 2021, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Flutter Tips for Learning and Productivity

In this talk, Roman Jaquez, a seasoned Flutter Developer with several published apps on the App Store and Google Play, as well as being a GDG NorthEast Mentor and GDG Lawrence Organizer, will share with us useful tips both for people new to Flutter embarking on their Flutter-learning journey and experienced Flutter developers to make them more productive and efficient.

Roman will be discussing:

  • Roman's 10 Flutter Tips for Learning and Productivity

For first-time Learners:

  • Where to invest most of your time to master Flutter faster but efficiently
  • What to prioritize when learning Flutter

For Seasoned Flutter Devs:

  • Tips for making your apps polished and giving them an edge over others
  • How to get to MVP faster without compromising quality on your Flutter apps


There will be a raffle for attendees:

  • a Lenovo Clock, powered by Google Assistant (For US Attendees Only)
  • a free Flutter course from Udemy (for all attendees).

Follow Roman:

On Twitter: @drcoderz

Check out his YouTube Channel, Roman Just Codes: https://tinyurl.com/roman-just-codes-yt

His personal blog/portfolio Roman Just Codes: https://romanjustcodes.web.app

His frequent Medium posts: https://medium.com/@romanejaquez



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