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This year, Google Developer Groups, GDG Cloud Boston, GDG Boston Android, and GDG Lawrence have decided to host a Dev fest in Boston. These groups have kept themselves active throughout the pandemic by hosting a variety of hybrid meetups and have, in general, built strong developer communities over the years.

Jan 28, 2023, 2:00 – 10:00 PM

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DevFests are local tech conferences hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG) worldwide. Each DevFest event is crafted by its local organizers to fit the needs and interests of its local developer community. Whether through hands-on learning experiences, technical talks delivered in local languages by experts, or by meeting fellow local developers, DevFest attendees learn how to build together and innovate.

This year, Google Developer Groups, GDG Cloud Boston, GDG Boston Android, and GDG Lawrence have decided to host a Dev fest in Boston. These groups have kept themselves active throughout the pandemic by hosting a variety of hybrid meetups and have, in general, built strong developer communities over the years.

Since this would be a platform to connect with tech enthusiasts in-person after the pandemic hiatus, it would be a great opportunity for our team to provide an enriching learning experience to the attendees.

The sessions are formatted in a way where the participants learn about all the latest features in Cloud, AI, and Android.

CFP (Call-For-Papers): DevFest Boston 2023 welcomes you to submit your proposal for a session to be presented at our amazing event via this link.

Event Agenda

09:00 AM — 09:30 AM Open

09:45 AM — 10:00 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks

10:15 AM — 11:00 AM Firebase Cloud Functions V2 - Aviv Laufer

Learn about Firebase Cloud Function V2. How they are different from V1, the technology behind it (Cloud Run) and how to use them

10:15 AM — 11:00 AM Profiling Android Apps - Sagar Das

The Android Profiler tools provide real-time data to help you to understand how your app uses CPU, memory, network, and battery resources. I will be explaining the usage of all the profiler tools available in Android Studio and how could we monitor the performance of Android apps. Few details of the talk will include: Profile CPU activity and traces with CPU Profiler Profile the Java heap and memory allocations with Memory Profiler Profile network traffic with Network Profiler Profile energy usage with Energy Profilerr

11:05 AM — 11:50 AM Advantages of espresso tests automation how and why? - Madona Wambua

As engineers, it is good practice to maintain a healthy culture where we write both UI and units tests. However, the biggest huddle comes when you have to set up continuous integration, how do you ensure your tests don't slow down builds from other pull requests hence slowing down the merge process..? What if I told you we found a tool and now run our UI tests nightly and on specific days? join me and let's talk about how, why, and what tool we use.

11:05 AM — 11:50 AM The Intelligence of Mobile Biometrics - Dr. Riopka

Powerful computing technologies, sophisticated cloud infrastructures and sensor rich mobile devices are fueling the advancement and adoption of evermore sophisticated technologies for facilitating and augmenting human interaction. Key among them has been the growing integration of biometrics and cryptography into many aspects of the human machine interface. This has significantly decreased friction in human machine interactions allowing the creation of secure mobile ecosystems that can help drive commerce and stimulate innovative on-demand applications for a variety of identity-centric needs. This session will explore some of the valuable lessons the development of mobile biometrics in the cloud may have for the development of remote intelligent apps in general. Data driven machine learning is critically responsible for many of the recent advancements in biometrics as well as many other technologies. That makes data – its acquisition, processing and interpretation – key to maintaining and advancing that technology. Creating an infrastructure and an ecosystem that facilitates those processes is necessary to provide the fuel for algorithm advancement. At the same time, providing an evolutionary path for computational resource and data management is critical to staying competitive in a dynamic and diverse mobile environment.

11:50 AM — 01:00 PM Lunch Break & Social Time

01:15 PM — 02:00 PM Community Ask Me Anything (AMA)

01:15 PM — 02:00 PM Creating scalable ML solutions to support big techs evolution - Mikaeri Ohana

Big techs started to see how much the use of data can strengthen their sales. Not just a competitive advantage, but data has become part of everyday life so that such companies can guarantee space in the face of so many existing options for consumers. The adoption of Machine Learning becomes important to help generate value. Models are generated and the need to put them on a production mat and manage experiments arises. We'll look at how this and other problems can be addressed and how Google helps solve each of them, from the perspective of someone who has dealt with many customers from different industries.

02:05 PM — 02:50 PM Remote Kubernetes Development: Cloud Workstations and Skaffold in Action - Imre Nagi

In a complex microservice architecture, developers typically spend up to weeks in order to get their local development working on a microservice. Once they have the local setup working, they still need to consider how their service runs locally to interact with other services in the microservice which probably running on the cloud. Oftentimes, these services are isolated in different networks and might not be reachable locally thus increasing development complexity. This talk will discuss how combining Skaffold and Google Cloud Workstations can simplify application development workflow in an organization. Cloud Workstations, recently announced in Next 22 as part of Software Delivery Shield, will provide developers with a configurable, secure, and easy-to-use development environment instantly. Meanwhile, Skaffold will simplify microservice development and testing in a production-like environment before the code gets pushed to the code repository and triggers CI/CD pipeline. This talk will provide a brief introduction to these technologies and a live demo to show how developers can simplify their development workflow when developing a containerized app in Kubernetes

02:05 PM — 02:50 PM What's new in AS Electric Eel - Sweety Bertilla & Kyle Lehman

Android Studio Electric Eel is the new Android studio version and there are new cool features added, lets walkthrough them with a demo

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  • Sagar Das

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