Android Worldwide, October 25th, 2022 - Free Online

GDG Capital Region
Tue, Oct 25, 8:15 AM (EDT)

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🌎 Welcome to Android Worldwide, October 2022

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It's time for another Android Worldwide event! This is a perfect time for you to meet other engineers from around the world and learn from some incredible speakers.

Once every quarter, dev communities from across the world come together to learn from experts, celebrate Android and meet like-minded people at our events online.

Android Worldwide is an international group of developer communities coming together to make a joint impact. We're passionate developers aiming to create highly engaging, inclusive, and fun experiences to help members learn, grow, and meet like-minded people.

Tune in at any time to get started, or grab your coffee and try staying for the entire time 😆

October 25 - Event Agenda and sessions (EDT)

8:15 am Event starts

9:15 am The Costs of Modularization by Aldo Wachyudi

10:15 am Android widgets and Jetpack Compose. Making your app fancy by Anna Zharkova

11:30 am Optimize your apps for Android (Go edition) by Niharika Arora

12:30 pm Building asynchronous API with Ktor & Kotlin by Manuel Ernesto

2:00 pm Modern Android Development using MVI architecture by Beatrice Kinya

3:00 pm Android Open Source: What more can we do with Android? by James Gatt

4:15 pm Interacting with Composable Canvas by Piotr Prus

5:15 pm Jetpack Compose: Art of the State by Eury Pérez

7:15 pm Migrating to GraphQL on Android with Apollo by Adam Greenberg

8:15 pm Scalable multi-module architecture for Jetpack Compose apps by Pavlo Stavytskyi

9:45 pm Raise accessibility awareness at work as an Android developer by Tiphaine

HOST: Shalom Halbert - Organizer, Android Worldwide


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