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This month we look at state management in Angular with NGXS.

Jun 23, 2021, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

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For our June event we have invited open-source fan boy and NGXS lead developer Mark Whitman. Mark will start out with an intro into state management before he goes on a deep dive into his favorite open source project, the angular state management library NGXS

We expect the feature talk to be popular with web developers but also with anybody who is interested in getting involved with the open-source community. Bring your questions if you want to participate in an open source project but don't quite know where to start. 

To end on a slightly lighter note, Ewald Horn will join us again with an update on why he hates Google tech. Clearly he is joking. Or is he?  Find out for yourself. 


Intro & Welcome

Optimising NGXS: Simple State, Smart Selectors - Mark Whitfeld 

After a brief introduction to NGXS, I talk about some recommended practices for structuring your application in order to ensure maintainability, flexibility and performance as the application grows. 

⚡️Lightening Talk: Oh here we go again. Now Google wants to kill my business all over. Stay calm, stay composed. - Ewald Horn 

First, they killed my lucrative cross-platform work with the Flutter nonsense. I switched to native dev and had a roaring good time. Now they've come for my easy money with their stupid Compose thing, even on the desktop. I'll show you how ridiculous it is and why you should have helped me kill this stupid technology when I asked you to. Now all our livelihoods are at stake and our excuses for why we are taking so long have run out!

About the speakers

Mark Whitfeld: I am a software development consultant hailing from Durban South Africa. I have been a professional software developer for 20 years and I love open source software, TDD, clean code and cleanly architected systems. I am the team lead for the Angular NGXS state management library and have been doing Angular development since the early release candidates.

Ewald Horn: Ewald's a notorious freelancer with questionable coding ethics and even worse barista skills. When he's not screwing up a good coffee, he can be found screwing up some digital Java. In his spare time, he plays with his dog, loses money on crypto and wishes he had a real job, like a lawyer.

This event is sponsored by our friends at Peach Payments.


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