Camera Wars - Building Camera Apps in Android and Flutter

Many apps require some form of camera access. In July we compare popular solutions for Flutter and Android.

Jul 29, 2021, 4:00 – 5:30 PM


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About this event

This month we look at a common feature request and how it can be implemented in Flutter and Android. 


0. Intro & Welcome

1. Android Jetpack - Compose meets CameraX - Maia Grotepass and Ishmael Tshikhovhokhovho

This talk is co-presented by Maia Grotepass and Ishmael Tshikhovhokhovho. Ishmael is interested in Jetpack CameraX and I am interested in Jetpack Compose. Together we will look at how easy it is to use the new Jetpack CameraX library. Can we integrate it into a Jetpack Compose view?

You can expect to learn about how to integrate CameraX in a Compose and an XML layout. We will also look at the latest CameraX api updates. 

2. Flutter Image_Picker and Flutter Camera; two plugins for one problem? - Sylvia Dieckmann

When you look into adding image upload or camera capabilities to your flutter app, you will likely come across two popular plugins: image_picker and camera. Each one has its pros and cons and deciding on the right one depends mostly on your app requirements and use case.
In this talk, I will highlight the differences between the two packages for developer and users. I will then demo basic implementations of both and explain why, after much deliberations,  I chose image_picker for two of my recent projects.   

3. Good-byes

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  • Maia Grotepass


    Staff Engineer: Android principal

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  • Sylvia Dieckmann

    Engineering Manager


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