Are We Rust Yet?

GDG Cape Town
Thu, Oct 28, 2021, 6:00 PM (SAST)

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For October we are looking at Rust, one of the newer kids on the block. Together, we'll learn about the art of asynchronous programming and maybe about dinosaurs?

About this event


0. Intro & Welcome

1. A Primer on Asynchronous Programming in Rust - Senyo Simpson

Ever wonder how servers have become increasingly capable of handling huge numbers of concurrent connections? How we've gone from handling small scale systems to "planetary-scale" systems? One piece of this puzzle is asynchronous programming. In this talk, we're doing a semi deep dive into the world of asynchronous programming and Rust's approach to it.

2. The Rusty Dinosaur - Implementing a Web API in Deno with Rust - Duncan Dean

Deno (pronounced like the Flintstones character) is described as a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, that just like Node.js uses Chrome’s V8 under the hood.

Deno is built in Rust and aims to be as compatible as possible with Web standards. We’ll be looking at a bit of the internals of Deno and how to implement our own Web API within it.

3. Good-byes

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